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Efficient To-Do List OS: Windows Price: $29.95 A VIP Simple To Do List OS: Windows Price: $14.95 A-Z Planner OS: Windows Price: $29.99 Aquarius Soft PC Keyboard Hotkey Pro OS: Windows Price: $24.80 Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro OS: Windows Price: $29.00
DescriptionElegant and handy to-do list manager, powerful yet easy-to-use.Easy tool for planning of everyday tasks of your life with help of to-do list.Advanced tasks and schedules manager for personal and business needs.A simple, useful and yet powerful PC keyboard hotkey (Windows shortcut) tool.Download and Convert Video to MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MPG, WMV,3GP.
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NameEfficient SoftwareVIP Quality SoftwareJosytalAquarius Soft Pte
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I don't know who set this up, the developer or CNET, but these 2 versions should have been in one listing with the "price" field describing the difference, just like other listings.
It looks like the Pro (Pay) version has more bells and whistles but as is the freebie is actually very much like MS Office Outlook tasks.
Super software This is the easiest and most intuitive software that offers just what you need ... not an over inflated amount of options that confuse the user.
The categories that are in the My Tasks pane on the left include 'Current week', 'Current month', 'Overdue' etcetera and these can not be moved, renamed or hidden, they are there whether you like them or not.
But when I started using it I discovered that a lot of what I wanted to do - like establish categories - was available only in a "Pro" version, which is accessible from this one *but isn't free.*
It's easy to create new tasks, and users can specify start dates, due dates, priority levels, and recurrence. For tasks that are ongoing, users can mark the status (not started, in progress, and so on) and what percentage of the task is complete.
Unfortunately, the search function is not very extensive. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend Efficient To-Do List to all users.
Other features include import and export options, integrated backup and optional password protection. The free version comes with rather basic features, an optional Pro version is available for those who need more functionality.
This portable application makes it easy to keep track of your tasks and set reminders without adding a bunch of useless bells and whistles.
Efficient To-Do List Free is a simple, attractive way to stay on top of all of your tasks, from appointments and meetings to long-term projects.
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Key features: Intuitive interface Flexible grouping of tasks Sorting and filtration of tasks Recurrence tasks setting Full-
Heres how it works: You can create categories to group tasks together (i.e.: shopping, job, birthdays, vacations,
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A-Z Planner is low-cost tasks and Time Management software that enables you to manage your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and schedules, to-do-list, Sticky Notes, annual events reminder etc.
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You can set your hot keys to perform functions, such as type text, clean up your PC, perform shutdown actions, and run a Control Panel applet.
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Can't record much more than free programs can. Compare it with leading Streaming Video Recorders like Replay Media Catcher, WM Recorder, GetFLV, StreamTransport and you will understand why.
What's more, it can convert the downloaded video and local video to whatever video formats as you like. In a word, this powerful Video Downloader can help you enjoy the streaming video with your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, etc.
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thank you for this programme
I would like to have some help on finding the problem, because everything else in the program works great, I don't want to have to quit using it just because of the audio, yet I cannot stand the quality of it.
In the end, and given the disparity in file size, I uninstalled ver .7 and went back to ver .61. Sadly, that version is not working with a number of video sites because Vdownloader has either been blocked, the format for accessing a file has been changed to stymie Vdownloader or similar products, or because a few sites have changed mission, were sold, or simply went dark.
It normally does not take this long to release an update when required. What has happened to Enrique Puertas ? Does anyone know how to contact him?
Yeah very bad its blocked it. Hope a update turns up soon.
It does everything from search to browse to download and even convert within one single window. Its ease-of-use and power to make it so simple commends it as a must-have for anyone looking for the right toolbox to get those video clips from the Internet to their PC and portable devices.
Alternatively, you can download the files in original format. Bear in mind though that if you choose this option, you wont be able to convert the file afterwards.
Even when VDownloader detects the video correctly, like on YouTube, it won't let you select the quality in which you wish to download the file.
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While others throw in the the kitchen sink, NeoDownloader downloads any file with serious speed and ease. I love it.
Myriads of digital images, video clips and other downloadable files are waiting for you. In the past, you could use your browser to download them.
In "Advanced Settings" you can activate the replication of the website's folder structure, enter multiple starting URLs and configure scan settings (e.g. set the number of scan depth levels, enable to download linked files from other websites or to scan linked pages from other websites).
With a Web browser, you need to search and download images, video clips and other content individually, but NeoDownloader allows you to download whole galleries with a few mouse clicks.
You can also keep selected URLs as projects, complete with your settings for the individual sites. This allows you to quickly access them in the future without having to change the program options or re-enter the URL.
Download tons of movies, music, photos of beautiful girls and celebrities, nature and animals, cars and sports, wallpaper with NeoDownloader!
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No user reviews found.
Features: 1. Erase rewritable disc easily with fast erase or complete erase. 2. You can even Extract any files from the image file to the local disk.
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i have tried to use a lot of DVD Creator.this one can meet my demand. and it is easy for me to use. Moreover,the quality is really perfect.
it can convert my lovely videos to DVD and play on TV. I have used this tool for months, to my happiness, it's still workable and works as described.
Nice templates I like the templates in the software. If they can add new more funny ones, it will be perfect. Need Funny templates
Enjoy all my videos on TV With this tool, I can burn all my videos into DVD and enjoy them on TV. Nice tool! I found nothing.
Works for me I have both the MAC and PC version. They all works perfect! work as promised, nothing bad
3.Ability to set the Default TV standard in accordance with the users current country or region during installation.
The program is wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface. Videos can be imported into the file queue by using either the file browser, folder view or "drag and drop" function.
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Used the cartoon transitions (no 'fade' no 'blend') and converted to Xilisoft's Common Video DVD format. Media Player wouldn't play it nor would Winamp.
Intuitive and simple. Excellent interface. Absolutley minimal learning curve. Will construct large files - I just made a 1.6G files - no problems A little slow to compile new movies.
Nice movie maker Easy to install and use None for me Tried the free version to make a movie of my kids birthday party. Worked well for what I wanted. Worth a try.
Very helpful and easy to use! Really fast and very easy to use. I used many other Movie Makers, but this one is the best. Not found!
High Speed, High Efficiency I download a demo software, and used it, just find this is what I need very good to use it save my resources, time, and energy, good product!
And the output format should be one of the source file formats. 2.During editing videos, you can clone the edited video or create multiple copies for it after adding different effects, e.g. one Copy for one effect.
Movies made with Xilisoft Movie Maker are good quality and there are bunches of output formats, so you can make sure that the movie is suitable for whatever device you want to use.
So, you can preview clips, cut them by marking the start and end position, crop videos and add a soundtrack. But you can also apply various transitions (e.g. arrows vertical, double circle, diamond, wipe, streak horizontal), view file properties and clone videos.
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I have used this tool for months, to my happiness, it's still workable and works as described. Luckily to have this tool.
This tool supports iOS7 great! Nice tool. The latest iOS 7 supported. I can manage both iPod and iPhone with it. Useful tool! Nothing bad to say
iPhone 5C supported I have a new iPhone 5C and this tool supports it. Great. None found so far.
Best i've ever had multiple action, many formats manual settings simple no hang, no lost parts nice action for converting downloaded codec players from internet medium speed low speed for uncommon files needs manual adjust for some unusual formats to convert actually it's the best that i have tried.
It's okay. Buggy as hell. Most functions require multiple passes to get the job done. It works but it's kind of a pain.
It helps you easily create, edit and delete iPod playlists and manage multiple iPods at the same time. You can manage your photos and use iPhone like a portable hard disk under its assistance.
In any case, Xilisoft iPod Rip is a really handy solution if you're looking for a quick, easy way to copy files from the iPod / iPhone to your computer.
Xilisoft iPod Rip uses a high amount of CPU and system memory, has a fair response time and may take a while to complete a task, whether we're talking about a simple metadata editing operation, or data transfer.
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i don't like the ads before the video, with this software, i can remove it easily. meanwhile, it can help me to select my favorite part of the video.i like it.
Cut videos freely It is user friendly. easy to cut videos with this tool. all my videos are supported. None bad I found
Helpful tool It supports almost all the video formats. It works very well. Nice tool. no cons is found so far.
Work very well Support most popular video formats. Friendly user interface. Easy to use. Nothing bad.
The GUI is user friendly. All clips will be shown in the interface to browse. So it is easy to manage the clips. Nice tool.
Xilisoft Video Cutter works well with many file formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, H.264 / PSP AVC, MOV, ASF, as AVI Cutter, 3GP video cutter, etc.
Then set the beginning and end points and press the Cut button. We started with an AVI from our archive. It played smoothly in Video Cutter.
The in-built player allows you to preview the video while cutting it, which is really useful, especially for separating specific parts.
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Not a terrible UI. Its trialware / crippleware. Just as you beginning to start using the product and finding out if it actually will be useful, the crippleware / trailware limit kicks in.
Xilisoft iPod MAGic can transfer iPod / iPhone music, movies, photos, books and iPhone ringtones between iPod and PC, rip CD / DVD and convert audios / videos to iPod files.
Xilisoft iPod MAGic Platinum can transfer iPod / iPhone music, movies, photos, books and iPhone ringtones between iPod and PC, rip CD / DVD and convert audios / videos to iPod files, download and convert online videos to iPod, make iPhone ringtones.
It often takes a very long time to build your audio library into the window. The iTunes integration is far from perfect and a number of times Xilisoft iPod Magic managed to crash iTunes as it was trying to export music into it.
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No user reviews found.
But you can also clone or rename clips, clear the task list, check out a log window, hide unidentifiable items, enable post-task actions (e.g. exit program, turn off computer), set Xilisoft RM Converter to run in the background, change the interface skin and language, and more.
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No user reviews found.
Additional supported video formats include AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, RM, MP4, 3GP, H.264, and AVCHD. Option to Convert MP4 to MP3 music is also available, so you can listen to your favorite video soundtracks in MP3 format.
The user interface of the program is easy to navigate through. To get started, you must choose a profile, add files (drag and drop is supported), and start converting (batch conversions are possible).
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It's perfect! It is quite easy to use as i use the door key and lock,and it build a private room in my computer and save all your own important information, it's good!
Simple, easy to use. Very safe, It can stop some dangerous sites and equipment. It's prefert!!!! I really want to say this is a great tool.with USB Lock, not only I can share my PC with anyone without fear of data theft,but also it improves my working efficiency, this is what I want.
This is an easy and powerfull Endpoint DLP Suite that helps you to Lock usb port,make dvd / cd burner read-only,block some websites,forbid some programs and disable more devices.
GiliSoft USB Lock features a password protection system to make sure no other users can access or modify programs settings, or uninstall it.
In addition to blocking hardware access, the program also allows you to block access to specific websites (via HOSTS file entries) and prevent access to selected programs.

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