Should Parents Tell the Truth about Santa to Child?

screenshot-proChristmas is really a big festival for most people all around the world, especially for the Christians. Nowadays, Christmas becomes a worldwide festival to some degree. When you’re walking on the street, you can see Christmas greeting words and hear Christmas songs anywhere. And almost all malls hold the biggest promotions in order to attract as more customers as possible in the end of 2014. Definitely, it will be a greatest shopping day on Christmas.

All little boys and girls are expecting the coming of Santa so that they can get a surprised present once a year. And there is still a heated discussion about whether parents should tell the truth about Santa to their children or not. Some hold that people should not cheat their children no matter what their objectives are. However, there is another voice that children require an innocence childhood. To be honest, I totally agree with the latter one.

At the first place, it is very delighted for everyone to receive a gift on a festival, especially from a magic person. You can image how cheerful children are at the moment when they receive the gift. It must be the happiest smile in the world. Secondly, it is a good way to make children’s childhood colorful and innocent. When they grow up several years later, it must be a great memory for them. Besides, they will be more grateful to the world because they thought all people are friendly to them. At last but never the least, the whole family will be more harmonious if they do all the Christmas activities together. And the house will be much warmer and sweeter with Christmas decorations.

In short, parents playing Santa on Christmas Eve is a way to express their love to children. And I know one of the biggest missions for most parents is to cultivate their children with the right view of life so that they can have a brilliant life in the future. And the childhood is really an essential part for them. As a result, it is better to make their childhood as wonderful as possible.

Lastly, Merry Christmas to You All!

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