How to Choose Personal Information Manager?

Commonly known as PIM tool or PIM, personal information manager is a sort of software used to manage personal information. PIM is basically used to denote personal information management, a field of study relating to human beings managing that information or data which is of their personal use.

Basic use of PIM tools:

PIM tools are basically used for three purposes:

  • Recording the information
  • Tracking the information
  • Management of personal information

In other words, it can be said that personal information manager is created to help millions of people manage scattered pieces of their information into one place. Different sort of PIM tools are in use around the world and each PIM tool is specifically designed to suit the professional and personal needs of its users.

Historical significance of PIM tools:

PIM tools hold great historical significance in the life of a common human being. Since the day of evolution, humans started managing their personal information inside their minds. Humans used to manage their daily hunting, gathering wood for fire, cooking sort of tasks according to the availability of time inside their minds. This ritual kept on for almost many thousand years. But then humans invented paper and started writing everything down. They found it much easier to write down and complete their tasks instead of wasting time in straining to remember their next tasks. As human life got more civilized and developed, different inventions came into being that were used to note down and manage the personal information. These inventions included computers, laptops, digital diaries, etc.

Social significance of PIM tools:

PIM tools nowadays hold a great significance socially. Without the help of a PIM tool, managing and securing personal information is totally impossible. Whether a person belongs to any field or any sort of occupation, managing personal information is a basic necessity for every person nowadays. Without the use of PIM tools, our whole media, banking sector, economic sector, hospitals, etc won’t be able to survive. We see the examples of PIM tools everywhere in our everyday lives. Even in our homes if we have to manage our phone numbers, our utility bills, our personal documents, etc then we are definitely going to need a reliable PIM tool.

Personal information manager software programs:

Thousands of personal information manager softwares are available online that can be downloaded for free or could be purchased depending on the features of the software. Some of the most famous and commonly used softwares are:

  • Nomad PIM
  • Mozilla Sunbird
  • Aethera

Nomad PIM is the latest software application that is leaving impressive marks all around the world despite the fact that it is still in the developmental phase. It includes almost all the powerful features of a reliable PIM tool. The features of Nomad PIM include

  • Notes
  • Schedules
  • Contacts
  • Events

The second mostly used PIM software is Mozilla Sunbird. Created by Mozilla (the creators of Firefox), Sunbird is a unique application with wonderful features. The most attractive thing about this software is its beautiful and colorful logo of Sunbird.
Sunbird, in fact, is a calendar with the following features:

  • Schedules programs
  • Add tasks
  • Add events
  • Add alarms on all the events if necessary
  • Views could be modified according to the personal preference
  • Cross platform application based on XUL user  interface language

There is another latest PIM tool which is getting very common with the passage of time due to its neat and lively interface. Aethera is a PIM software used to handle information regarding the e-mails. The very basic features of Aethera include:

  • This soft ware has a very simple setup for any person who is newly exposed to these things
  • Icons are big
  • Functions could be accessed very easily
  • Groupware capabilities are provided
  • The feature of instant messaging client is also available
  • Sharing different type of documents is very easy
  • Different plug-ins with different functionalities could also be applied to Aethera

Aethera is regarded as the most complete PIM software around the world.

Scope of PIM:

Nowadays, PIM tools are so small due to the advanced technology that they can easily fit into our palms. The different sorts of devices used to manage our personal information include our desktop computers, laptops, Black Berry, Apple, MAC, etc.

The personal information can be in any form including:

  • Collecting personal files: All sorts of personal files containing our personal information could be collected, for example, music files containing all of our favorite audio and video music, academic file containing all of our college lectures or study notes, personal photo album, etc.
  • Address book: Another sort of information mostly managed in our houses and offices are keeping a proper track record of addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
  • TO-DO List: To-do tasks list is another of our common daily personal information which is mostly managed a day before or at the start of the day. Managing tasks in a list according to their priority makes fulfilling those tasks much easier.
  • Calendar reminders: This is one of the most important aspects of personal information. Every birthday, every appointment, every meeting is properly managed and noted down in a calendar and if necessary, alarms could also be set on those specific times or dates.
  • Another important aspect of our personal information is our e-mails, faxes and instant messages. Keeping proper track of all these things has become very important in today’s world.

Which personal information manager is the best?

While selecting a personal information manager, a person must be sure to select the one that suits his needs. It is much better to properly make a research on the internet and various IT magazines. You can compare the features and prices of various softwares this way. Another option is to download free Demo versions from various websites and use it for a few days. Do check the software’s compatibility with your organizer if you own one. Do make sure that the software you select has the network features. You can always check for availability of the latest versions of your software on the internet.

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