How to Choose Password Manager?

Password manager is the most widely used and acclaimed software that helps in the organization and proper management of softwares and PIN codes. In this software, a local database or a simple file is used, that stores the data relating to encrypted passwords. These passwords are then used for a safe log on to the computers, networks or any website.

Historical and social importance of password managers:

Using locks in order to secure one’s possessions is one of the major aspects of the human psychology. Human since the Stone Age has always used protective measures in order to provide proper and complete protection to his belongings. Many brutal fights had erupted between the man kind due to the reason that one person tried to steal another’s belongings or tried to invade others privacy. As time passed and humans entered the age of civilization, different tactics were used to protect one’s house and one’s documents. People started the use of locks and keys in order to prohibit an un-wanted person to access their homes, jewelries or personal documents and information.
Now, as the human race has entered the age of Information Technology, the locks have turned into passwords. These passwords can be applied to deny the access to any sort of important information, documentation, or any expensive piece of jewellery or art.

Need for password manager:

Need for password manager was felt when the use of information technology became a part of our daily lives. We became so much dependent on computers, laptops and Black Berry that we used these things to store all of our basic and most confidential information. But the problem got bigger when our most prestigious and confidential information got accessed by the hackers and was leaked to all the un-wanted people. Many cases came into view where the confidential information that was hacked, was used for illegal purposes.
So, in order to save the information from any sort of un-wanted accessibility, people started using different passwords for their files, websites, networks and various other online accessories. But the next thing that was considered problematic by many people was remembering all the passwords they use to access different websites and personal files. This problem was solved by the creation of “Password manger”, considered by most people as the greatest invention of this century.

Common password managers:

Many password managers are available around the globe some of them are most commonly used in protecting our day to day activities. Some of the most commonly used password mangers are:

  • RoboForm Pro
  • Turbo passwords
  • Handy password

Roboform pro is the most extensively used password manager and is simply considered the best. The very main feature of this software is its easy and simple usage. It can be used just with the help of few clicks. User just has to click on the software’s button in order to access it. There are no further hectic steps created in this software that waste the user’s time. So, clearly it is the most quick and reliable software used for managing passwords.
The main features of this software include:

  • Saving passwords and PIN codes is extremely easy and similar to saving in a note book.
  • Passwords could also be printed in the form of a list in order to enable better access to them.
  • A master password could also be created by the software that will provide user the access to his personal information at any time.
  • Twenty languages can be supported by the software.
  • The length of the password can be up to five hundred and twelve characters.
  • The software is also available with an auto-fill option
  • Anyone interested in using this software can access it through any website with free-trial version.

The next mostly used password manager is Turbo passwords. It is also the most widely used password to manage softwares as its features are the most closest to RoboForm pro. Its main feature is the same as RoboForm pro and that is, it is extremely simple and quick to use. Some of its other features include:

  • User friendly
  • Format of a notebook, where passwords could be easily saved in a list
  • Performs auto-filling
  • Passwords can be transferred to personal digital assistant with quiet ease

Another of the most commonly used password manager is Handy Password. This password has gained very quick fame due to its wonderful features. But due to its lack of user friendliness, it is not the same as the above mentioned softwares. This software is mostly used by highly qualified users to secure the complicated passwords used to prohibit the high-tech information. The main features of handy passwords include:

  • Passwords are secured with a master password
  • Auto-fill could also be performed
  • All the saved data is encrypted automatically

Each of the above mentioned password manger could be tried for free by downloading them from any password managing website. But once the free-trial package has expired, the user will have to purchase the original software to carry-on his work.
Some of the important things that should be kept in mind while designing the passwords are:

  • Most of the passwords are simple and short in length. Some of the people make passwords with only small words using common names or their common phone numbers, or dates of their birthdays or anniversaries. This is absolutely not safe; any hacker planning to hack would always go for a person’s basic information while applying passwords.
  • Using the same password for many different applications is also very risky.
  • Sharing the passwords with other people would also be extremely dangerous for the safety of your passwords. It is strongly recommended never to share your password that holds confidential information.

USB password manger:

Apart from using the online password mangers, people nowadays are also using the USB password managers. It can be accessed through using a USB flash drive. It is also easy and simple to use and very portable. People tend to like it as using it is very simple and user friendly.

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