Hello November!

screenshot-proTime flies, it is the deep autumn now and most cities in the world become colder and colder; a lot of animals are busy in finding warmer places for winner sleep now. And it is the first week in November and seems that we only have two months left in this year. Do you get ready for 2015? Well, let’s talk something about 2014 first.

To begin with, have you ever set goals for this year, like save some money, travel abroad, or get promoted? And the next question is have you achieved them? In most cases, when people set a goal, the next thing they need to do is to realize it step by step instead of leaving it alone in your deep heart. When it comes to the goal rated to work, the key to achieve it is to make use of time efficiently. And there are some factors that will affect people’s work efficiency:

1. Computer & Network Performance

With the development of technology, most people work with computers now. Admittedly, there are uncountable advantages of working with PCs on the condition that the computer works efficiently. In order to keep the computers in their best performance all the time, most people will install antivirus software, history cleaner, PC booster Software and so on.

2. Task Arrangement

It is no doubt that if a person well organize all his or her tasks in advance, he or she will gain a better work efficiency latter. Just as a famous Chinese saying goes, “More preparation may quicken the speed in doing work”. Some people prefer to write their tasks on notebook, MS-Word, or some to-do list software programs. No matter which method they use, it is a good way to own a much organized life in a short time.

3. People’s Mood

It is the most important point that if people have very positive moods every day, they will be more passionate in work. To some degree, attitude is everything. That is to way, positive mood can bring people a much better result with half effort. And the key to keep in good mood is be thankful to god, appreciate in what you have today and be nice to your surroundings.

All in all, it is very essential to be passionate in work and life. If you don’t have any interest in your work, not only you but also your colleagues will never be happy in that environment.

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